Best Laser For The Money v. The Most Useful Laser

There are basically two considerations a potential buyer for a laser cutting system can choose when making a purchasing decision: which laser is the best one for the money, or which one is the most useful. Both are valid criteria to sift in trying to come to a wise decision, and each has its merits. But in the end, both questions are going to come down to making the best decision regarding value.

Looking through the catalog from Boss Laser or any of some suppliers of laser equipment and parts presents a wide range of choices. For both the hobbyist or the industrial client, budget is a paramount issue. Most often, this leads to having to make a series of choices as to type of laser and price. Now, the smart purchaser can take those aforementioned two criteria and use both in arriving at the answer to the value equation. Balancing price value and utility may seem to be a difficult task, but it is nothing more than satisfying a set of queries.

For example, what purpose will the laser be put to? On this question rests the basis for every subsequent decision. This is because the actual utility value of any piece of equipment depends upon how useful it can be to the use it’s intended for and what unit will be adequate for the purpose. If high-volume production is an imperative, the client will require a laser unit that can perform cutting functions as quickly as possible. This implies a very high power laser unit that has the fastest cutting times to process a wide variety of materials being the right purchasing choice.

By contrast, the small businessman running a shop for doing fine engraving and etching work does not require more than a basic laser unit. Time is not such an imperative that this client requires a laser that can quickly process materials. As a result, buying a laser rated at 100w or greater would be a waste of money both regarding up-front cost, power costs, and costs for replacement parts such as the emitter tube. For this situation, a basic 30 or 40w laser that will run off laptop control is the best selection. In every instance, balancing utility with anticipated usage yields the maximum value every time.